Quotes 5

"I want to be an artist-lawyer, so I can defend my work."
> Vincent van Gui

"More emotion! More feeling! Remember, you're not just a painter -- you're a Postmodern Performance Painter!"
> Andrew Lloyd Webmaster,
- directing his new musical, "Schmucks in smocks"

"Some were meant to push the envelope, others merely to deliver it."
> Henri de Toulouse-LaTech

"I have Wizenheimer's Disease. I can't remember my last smartass remark."
> Vincent van umm...

"The student has but one teacher. The bricoleur has many."
> Henri de Toulouse-LaTech

"I want to be Top Drawer."
> Vincent van Gui,
- in his Tom Cruise phase

"Paintings that can be accidentally hung upside down are a unique accomplishment of 20th Century artists."
> Jasper Junk

"Undo unto others..."
> Vincent van Gui

"It's amazing how many opportunities come to us disguised as bad news."
> Henri de Toulouse-LaTech

"What's Postmodernism? What would you like it to be?"
> Vincent van Gui,
- still working on his artist-lawyer schtick

"When you can clearly state the problem for me, then I will listen to your solution."
> Henri de Toulouse-LaTech

"When bankers get together for dinner, they discuss Art.
When artists get together for dinner, they discuss money."
> Oscar Wilde

"In the 20th Century, artists, for the first time, could become rich and famous while they were still alive."
> Jasper Junk

"Buying a Warhol painting is like buying Microsoft stock. You don't particularly like it, but it's a good investment."
> Willem de Cunning

"I'm downsizing my studio and outsourcing my painting."
> Ghostabi

"Take the Monet and run."
> Vincent van Gui

"It's not art if the same work could have been the result of a science project."
> Pablo PigCasso

"Art is no longer something the average person can relate to and enjoy"
> Theo van Gui

"All too often, art for the sake of art, is not."
> Tiara Mi Sue, digital diva

"If there's this many errors in my email messages, can you imagine what my code looks like?"
> Henri de Toulouse-LaTech

"If, when looking at a work of "art," you feel an emotion, even if that emotion is disgust, then the item has passed the first test."
Hieronymous Anonymous

"I didn't see a single movie that wasn't nominated for an Academy award."
> Vincent van Gui

"You can only find bad art where you expected to find good art. However, you may find good art where you least expect it."
> Pablo PigCasso

"The devil made me say it."
> Vincent van Gui, sunflower child

"The journey of a thousand miles ends with but a single step."
> L' Architecte Karp

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