Some Tidbits

Art-Technology Lesson #1

Art putdown: "It's been done."
Technology putdown: "It's never been done."

Art-Technology Lesson #2

Art compliment: "It's never been done."
Technology compliment: "It's been done."

Flash Art

A lady goes to an opening at a fashionable art gallery.

As the show is unveiled, it's just the artist, standing in the corner of an empty gallery, under a spotlight, naked.

The crowd applauds and shouts its approval.

"The artist has become the object of his art."

"He's reached a new level of abstraction and minimalism."

"The art event of the year."

"Truly cutting edge art."

And so forth.

As the lady leaves the gallery, a man in a raincoat approaches her. Suddenly, he whips open his raincoat.

"Omigod," she cries, "another artist!"

"It's not art if it can't be distinguished from something else which is not art."
> Pablo PigCasso


This is about Blasto, an artist whose genre is deconstruction.

I'm not an art expert, so I had to turn to others for the information that follows.

"Blasto's new work, 'The end of empire,' which is a proposal to deconstruct the Empire State Building and transform it into a new creation called 'Big pile of bricks and stuff #2' is still under consideration by a number of sponsoring organizations. Blasto has stated that this will be his ultimate work, describing the decline of society (and art)."
> Art Speaker,
- Cutting Edge Art in America

"From his first works, to his current work, Blasto has always been one step ahead of his competitors (and the law). From humble beginnings with just sledgehammer and crowbar, Blasto pushed the envelope in exploring new ways to transform structures. His most famous work was simultaneously deconstructing all the bridges that connect Manhattan ('Manhattan Unabridged').

At the peak of his career, he was idolized and imitated by the true lovers of Modern Art who, on July 4 (Blasto's Day), created many small art works (mostly with explosives) in his honor."
> Art T. Fact, From his new book,
- "When bad art happens to good people"

"I've seen Blasto's work. It's dynamite!"
> Vincent van Gui

"It's not art if the same work could have been produced by vandalism."
> Pablo PigCasso

Ode to a Carp


Ascii Warhaul

=                                =
=                 V              =
=                  i             =
=                   r            =
=                    g           =
=                     i          =
=    .+.               l         =
=                                =
=                                =
=                                =
=                  Milton        =
=                                =
=        /                       =
=    .-./               *        =
=                                =
=                                =
=  Bosnia                        =
=                                =
      |  Ode To a Carp  |        

"Note the idiosyncratic and dispersive energy created by the equal signs. Some are intimately close while the descending signs are heightened with a sense of adversity echoing the carnage in Bosnia. Like Twombly, the artist is lyrically involved with the myths and classics. Virgil is transcending time and space obliquely with each keystroke the artist applied with extreme sensitivity while quoting Duchamp.

"Quoting Levine, the artist's girlfriend with her fastidious eye and a rigorously intellectualized process of elimination added the asterisk as she walked by to add a feminine touch. Does this imply a sense of omission? The familar nervous spatial movement does not bear this out."

> Art Speaker, from his article,
- "Ascii art -- you have only your * "
- Cutting Edge Art in America

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